"Mystery vs Mastery"

When first starting out learning music, you have 100% mystery.

It sounds like magic what the musicians are doing, and you have no idea how they do it, but you sure want to find out.

As you begin to learn more about the inner workings of music, the mystery starts to fade, ie. there is an inverse relationship between mastery and mystery.

Once you have "100%" mastered music, there is often a feeling of a let down because the mystery has dropped to 0%.

A great many excellent musicians quit at this point because there seems to be no more challenge and the initial high that you got from listening to music as a kid has worn off.

It seems like every new tune you learn is just another variation of some other tune that you already know, and you see the same patterns occur over and over again with such frequency that boredom can set in.

All your life you've wondered what it would feel like to truly be a master, and when you get there you feel as if there's no where else to go. You've scaled the mountain and the only way out is back down. Depression can easily set in.

This is where many musicians (including myself) take a protracted hiatus. What happens next is crucial.

Many will become hobbyists, some have become suicides. But once music is in your blood, it'll never leave you alone.

During your "break", all the music that you spent so much time to learn becomes half-forgotten. All the theory and technique that you spent so many years laboring for slips from your conscious mind and BUT still continues stewing deep down in your subconcious.

When you come back to music, you'll find that your fingers have taken on a life of their own and they will begin to constantly amaze you at how they seem to move on their own as if by magic.

Did I say magic?


And it's a lot more than just a mere 100% ...

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