Piano Rootless Drop-Voicing 251s

Drop-Voicings have long been the staple of arrangers. In this book, Drop2 and Drop3 voicings are presented to the jazz pianist within the context of both major and minor rootless
2-5-1 progressions (along with their most common altered dominants) in all twelve keys.

In addition to the 4-note chords in parts one and two of this book, the author shares his favorite 3-note left hand positions, derived from these drop-voicings, for use in any comping situation.

In the thirty-two excerpted pages below, you may listen to the midi audio of the changes either by clicking on the midi link to the right of each progression on this page or by clicking on the URL beneath the main title of each open PDF page.

If you open the midi file in software that has a virtual piano keyboard, you can watch the chord motions while simultaneously hearing them.
A great educational tool!

The VanBasco player (FREE download at www.VanBasco.com) is a terrific midi player that sports a virtual piano keyboard.

minor 251s

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